Ask The Experts FAQs

Your frequently asked questions and answers about car repair, custom paint and body repair, classic cars, engine repair, paint and body repair, customizing your car, are below.

Q: How do I care for my new paint job?

A:  You’re already ahead of the game.  The paint on a newly painted vehicle is dry within an hour or so, you don’t need to worry about insects or debris; however, the paint does require a significantly longer time to “cure”.  When Custom Paint and Body paints an automobile, we also polish it for you, so there is no need to wash or wax.   Lamar Watson, Shop Manager, suggests “don’t use any polish or wax for 90 days”.   Because the product he uses doesn’t “seal” the paint, it allows the paint to shrink, expand and even change chemically, shedding solvents and thinners.  Remember though, that any new finish will remain soft until the curing process is complete, so stay away from gravel and stones, which can easily chip the finish.  After 90 days, feel free to polish and wax your new gem as often as you wish!

Lamar is THE MAN:  To clean off a small mess quickly, keep a small spray bottle of water mixed with Dawn handy; when you see an offending mess, spray, and wipe away with a soft towel. Even if you can’t remove it right away, just spraying the solution on will dilute the contaminate and minimize damage.